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Collaboration is at the heart of our business. We offer three distinct partnership programs, and encourage you to find the one that best aligns with your business goals.



Driving Success Together

As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to leverage our industry-leading products and data services to generate additional revenue streams for your business. By joining forces with us, you’ll get recurring revenue from students, course members, and followers who sign up for BatchLeads, BatchDialer, and BatchSkipTracing via your affiliate link. Here’s what sets our affiliate program apart:

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Revenue generation
With a competitive commission structure, our affiliate program gives you an opportunity to earn recurring income for every successful referral and the potential to earn bonus commissions as you increase your active subscriber count.


Marketing support
Gain access to a comprehensive set of marketing resources, including promotional materials, video training, email templates, and co-branding opportunities. Leverage our proven marketing strategies and materials to effectively promote BatchService’s products and drive conversions.


Partner dashboard
Utilize our user-friendly partner dashboard to track your performance, monitor earnings, and access valuable sales and marketing resources. Our real-time reporting and analytics help you optimize your promotional efforts and maximize your results.

BatchService affiliate partnerships are ideal for:

  • Individuals or organizations offering real estate coaching, courses, and community programs
  • A real estate service provider that supports but doesn’t directly compete with BatchService offerings


Monetize Your Reach

At BatchService, we recognize the power of trusted voices in today’s digital landscape. As a influencer, you have the unique ability to reach and engage with a dedicated audience that values your expertise and recommendations. Influencers are paid for their production and distribution of content, rather than the conversion of customers.

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Content Guidance & Creative Freedom
Work with our influencer team to leverage a comprehensive set of marketing resources, including scripts, post examples, and consultation on how to best engage your audience. Enjoy creative freedom to make sponsored content fit your unique personality and style.


Fast Payments
Pre-negotiated rates and mutually agreed upon requirements mean you can create content confidently and receive payments quickly with in-depth reporting.


The BatchService influencer program is specifically designed for micro and macro influencers who have audiences that will see value in BatchService products, but may not run education, training, or coaching programs.

BatchService influencer partnerships are ideal for:

  • Have a combined following of 100,000+ between Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and Facebook.
  • Real Estate, marketing, or technology personalities

Referral Partners

Strengthen Your network

As a referral partner, you have the opportunity to refer large business customers to BatchService and earn rewards for your successful referrals. This program is ideal if you have a wide network of contacts or an established customer base that needs data or technology solutions at the department or enterprise level.

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Annual agreement commissions
Get paid up to 5% of the total annual agreement amount when you refer a BatchService or BatchData business customer. Simply help make the introduction and we’ll do the rest.


Streamlined referral process
Benefit from a simple and efficient referral process, making it easy to refer leads to BatchService. Our dedicated referral tracking system ensures proper attribution and transparent communication throughout the referral journey.


Ongoing support and recognition
Receive ongoing support from our partner success team, who will guide you through the referral process and answer any questions you may have.

Gain recognition and visibility as a valued referral partner, showcasing your association with a trusted industry leader.

BatchService referral partnerships are ideal for:

  • Individuals or companies with a close-knit network of executive business leaders and enterprise customers
  • Consultants who have supported sales, marketing and product strategies in the technology, data, or real estate space

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Regardless of whether you choose to become an affiliate or a referral partner, we are committed to providing you with the necessary resources, support, and rewards to drive mutual success.

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