Discover what it’s like to work for BatchService—Who we are, our culture, values, benefits, and hiring process!

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Who we

Founded in 2018, Batch Service is a fast-growing SaaS company with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Today, our team is more than 200 people strong, and counting.

A certified Best Place to Work, we provide lead generation and data solutions software to more than 10,000 real estate investors, agents, and brokers from small and medium-sized businesses.

We design, build & provide products & services that impact businesses.

In just 3 years’ time, we have become a well-established player in the software space. And our ambition stretches even further, through innovation and customer-centricity we want to be come a pioneer in the Software Solution Space.


Why we
do it

At BatchService, we help businesses streamline productivity. We understand the challenges growing businesses face.

It’s our mission to help businesses thrive. After all, they’re the backbone of today’s economy.

That’s precisely why working at BatchService is so special. Every day, our software allows businesses to focus on what really matters: growing their businesses.

BatchService is not your average working experience, it’s more than a job. Ask anyone who’s worked here. We have the energy and boldness of a startup, with the expertise and pragmatism of a scale-up. All in one workplace.

Working here is no walk in the park, but that makes it all the more thrilling. It’s a culture that maximizes the career development of all of our team members, regardless of their job title. We are an invested group of people who are all-in to grow this incredible opportunity and have a high degree of professionalism, while also having fun.

Why we
Work Here


Core Values

Customer Obsessed

Our customers are the core of our business, and we’re on a mission to help them succeed. Our team makes decisions by focusing on what provides the most long-term value to the customers that rely on BatchService.

Curious and Innovative

The best ideas often come from challenging the status quo. We strive to forge our own path, we are constantly questioning how things have "always been done."

Determined to have Ultimate Success

In an industry propelled by societal growth, making space for personal growth and learning matters. We provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to be successful and fulfilled, beyond their time at BatchService.

Taking Extreme Ownership

We’re a growing SaaS company filled with motivated people that come together to grow both personally and professionally. We encourage autonomy and empower our team members to proactively take on new responsibilities and create opportunities.

Leading with Integrity

At BatchService, leading with integrity can’t only elevate you to do your best work: It can give you the clarity and confidence to flourish. With the foundation of your beliefs underneath you, now you can experiment, adapt, and break away from the habitual thought patterns to trust your own authority and do the work that really matters.

Supporting our greatest asset

our people


Our leadership team is keeping you constantly updated about performance and objectives.


Earn achievements and experience working inside a unique industry.

Strategy and Planning

We come together wherever we are, across time zones, countries, offices and screens.

Open Feedback Culture

We believe in being the best versions of ourselves, and our culture instills this. You have a voice in the organization!


Working for BatchService is an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.

Supportive Leadership

A rich work atmosphere where ideas and communication is encouraged.



from candidate to colleague

few simple steps

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Visit our careers page to fill out a simple application.

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Initial screening with a recruiter

A quick chat with one of our recruiters to get to know you better

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Second Interview with the hiring manager

A more in depth conversation with the hiring manager

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We review interview responses and discuss overall

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Technical/Final interview

An interview with our leadership team to determine technical and/or interpersonal skills

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Offer letter. Congratulations!

We make an offer to the candidate we feel is the best fit for the role

Our Products

5 Industry Leading platforms