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The industry’s most accurate, subscription-free source for contact information.

*Each product requires individual registration. You can use the same email and password for each portal.*

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Earn monthly commissions for the lifetime of referred customers.


Our top affiliate partners earn more than $70,000 in monthly commissions.

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Our affiliate partners have collectively earned more than $7 million in payouts.

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Pace Morby

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Tyson Smith

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Frequently Asked Questions

What commission can I earn as an affiliate?

Each time you refer a new member to us, you’ll receive a 20%-30% commission on their monthly membership fee, every month, for as long as they remain a member – that’s indefinitely!


Earning Opportunities
(Per referral)

Earn $1,000+ per month with as little as 10 referrals.





Personal Basic

BatchLeads Personal Basic

How much Affiliate $$$ per signup

Tier 1 – 20%

(0-49 Active Customers)





Tier 2 – 30% 

(50+ Active Customers) 










BatchDialer Advanced

How much Affiliate $$$ per signup

Tier 1 – 20%

(0-49 Active Customers) 





Tier 2 – 30% 

(50+ Active Customers) 








Active Customers Referred

Monthly Earnings Potential
(depending on products and plans)







(tier 2 achieved, commission increased from 20% to 30%)












How long will my referrals track for?

30 Day.. but keep in mind a few key points: (1) the new member needs to sign up through your affiliate link, (2) we reward the most recent referring partner (meaning the last click gets the credit), and (3) our tracking cookie expires after 30 days, but if a referral deletes their cookie history your cookie will expire.

When do I get paid and how?

Commissions are paid monthly to the PayPal account you link in the affiliate portal. To receive commissions, you MUST connect your PayPal account. 

We process all commissions between the 5th and 10th of each month for the previous month’s earnings. This means you’ll receive your commission payments about one month after they are earned.

Yes, we provide custom links and a personalized landing page once you reach 50 active customers in a single month. Upon achieving this milestone, our affiliate management team will contact you.

How do I log in?

Once you’ve completed your registration as an affiliate, it’s essential to log in using the same email address that you registered with. To log in, please utilize the portal provided below.

BatchLeads Portal:
BatchDialer Portal:

Where can I learn more about the product

At Batch, we’re dedicated to helping our users succeed. We offer a Resource Center packed with useful tools like in-app tutorials and a Help Center filled with hundreds of how-to videos. We also provide valuable masterclasses and host live webinars every week. Plus, our community is home to over 5000 real estate industry professionals who share their knowledge and insights. This support system is here to give our users the knowledge, skills, and connections they need to thrive in real estate. It’s all part of our commitment to keeping our users happy and engaged, making Batch their top choice for real estate needs.

BatchLeads Support Resources
Resource Center
BatchService Community
Webinars and Events

BatchDialer Support Resources
Resource Center
BatchService Community
Webinars and Events

BatchSkipTracing Support Resources
Resource Center
BatchService Community
Webinars and Events


Have more questions? Feel free to contact We’re more than willing to guide you through the program and assist with the setup!